Fall 2019 Recruitment

Sigma Class Rush Events

Blacklight House Party: 8/16/19

Join the Kings at the Delta Epsilon Psi house for a party of the ages!

Drip or Drown: 8/18/19

Need some stress relief, join us at Polo Club for our back to school pool party with Delta Phi Omega!

Informational: 8/19/19

Come get to know the Brotherhood of Kings and what we are all about!

Sports Day: 8/20/19

Come out to Myers Quad for a fun game day with the brothers of Xi Kappa!

Blue Reign: 8/22/19

Come out to Jerzees Sports Bar for the official Back to School Party at UGA with Sigma Sigma Rho!

Delta Darty: 8/24/19

Come join us at our brotherhood event!

Informational: 8/27/19

Don't worry if you missed our first one, come get to know the Kings of the South!

For more information contact, Raag Patel (770) 310-1918